The Works - 8 Hours

8 hours of time included
Build packages/products
Forms/Canned Emails converted or created
Invoice & Payments Schedules setup
Workflow / Automation setup
Proposal & Lead Capture forms setup
Client portal/branding setup (graphic design not included)
Setup schedulers / appointments
A personalized tutorial on using your customized Dubsado (uses 1 hr of your 8 hr time block, leaving 7 hrs for design/programming)
1 week of ticket support as you acclimate to Dubsado

The Manager w/ Ongoing Support

Up to 10 hrs of support per month w/rollover hours!
Includes everything in 'The Works' package. Some limitations may apply.
Doesn't include graphic design.
Provides you with on-going personal support and help with design, programming, changes, adding users and full management of your Dubsado account as well as assistance with most integrations.

Review & Support

Up to 4 hours of review & support
For clients whom have Dubsado setup and just want to work out some issues.
Includes a live review session to discuss the issues (uses 1 hour of your time, leaving 3 hours for review & support time)
Includes a full assessment of your inner workflows and processes
Includes a full assessment of your client experience
A complete and detailed report of adjustments to improve your Dubsado account

  • Additional time may be needed to 'fix' any issues with your account if you would like us to handle that for you as most of the time will be taken up by the 'review' of your account and report writing. NOTE
Form Design

Will design a form (contract, lead capture or questionnaire)
If designing a contract, you must supply the verbiage to be used. I am not a legal expert and I can not write legal agreements, however I can create it based on your Word, Pages or PDF version of your agreement.

Proposal Design

I will design a custom proposal

Client Portal Bundle

Coded client portal guide and Canva client portal graphics

Workflow Design

I will design a workflow per your specifications
Does not include template programming and design, you will need to have your templates programmed and designed already or I can do them for you for an additional charge.

Graphic Design

If you need some graphic design work, please let us know. Pricing starts around $100 and goes up from there depending on what you need. Contact our office for a custom quote. Purchase and I'll contact you and do up a custom quote for you.